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Become an AREA DIRECTOR and we
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Here is how it works...
Over the last 20 years we've learned how to build businesses in local markets and nationally too... by using traditional advertising methods to drive traffic/visitors (potential customers and business owners) to websites.
We know it works because you are here reading this right now!!
In order to support our local marketing efforts we need small and home-based business entrepreneurs to become Area Directors by reserving their Zip Code(s)and participate in a cooperative advertising program... which includes but is NOT limited to:
  • Radio spots
  • Bill-Boards
  • T-Shirts
  • Baseball Caps
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Door Hangers
  • Coffee mugs
  • Car Magnets
  • Car Wraps
These advertising and promotional efforts by us and our Area Directors causes traffic/visitors to go to WhatYouNeedEveryDay.com which allows our Area Directors to generate new customers and new Area Directors from whom income is earned when those customers and Area Directors purchase Colostrum products from our vendor.
Step 1
Get your Cooperative Area Directors Advertising Program
Step 2
After Reserving Your ZIP CODE(s):
What Does It Cost?
First... get your Cooperative Area Directors Advertising Program set-up:
One-Time Area Co-op Ad Program Cost*
Monthly Advertising Co-op Subscription*
Reserve Up to #Zip Codes
# Share(s) in National Advertising Co-op
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*Includes 1st Monthly Subscription (no refunds - requires annual commitment)
When a unique visitor (traffic) visits WhatYouNeedEveryDay.com:
(a) We optionally ask for... zip code, how they found the site, name, email, phone. If the zip code is not submitted, we geo-target using various algorithms.
(b) If the visitor clicks on CUSTOMER ONLY button we re-direct them to a personalized Shopping-Cart (Colostrum product vendor) of the Area Director with closest geo-targeted area or reserved Zip Code.
(c) If the visitor clicks on the BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY button they are re-directed using a trackable session to a page on our site of the Area Director with the closest geo-targeted area or reserved Zip Code. When a visitor becomes an Area Director they are referred by the trackable sessioned Area Director.
(d) Traffic (visitors) generated outside of reserved Zip Codes or geo-targeted areas are re-directed or sessioned to the next National Co-op Area Director based on a sequentially funneled first-come-first-served basis of national cooperative advertising shares.
(e) Zip Code and National Advertising Co-op Area Directorss benefit from the cooperative efforts of other Area Directors advertising in their zip-code(s) using traditional promotional methods (see next).
(f) Area Directors can increase traffic (visitors) in their zip-codes(s) by purchasing/promoting WhatYouNeedEveryDay.com swag; i.e - T-Shirts, Baseball Caps, magnetic car signs, bumper stickers, etc..
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